Erectile Dysfunction Florida

For most men, the thought of suffering from erectile dysfunction during an intimate encounter is a harrowing one. Men express their masculinity in many ways, from the way they look to their ability to take control of a situation through their skill and intellect. Being in good shape and having a muscular physique is also part of what makes a man feel virile and powerful. Yet ultimately, a man’s ability to make love is centered around his ability to get a lasting erection. When erectile dysfunction interferes with intimacy, it can be a difficult experience on many levels.

Patients who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction may have unusual difficulty in achieving an erection, and they may feel a profound loss of sexual desire for their partner. These are obviously troubling feelings to have, which is why it’s important to seek help if the problem is experienced on a regular basis.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction, aka “ED”

Erectile dysfunction has many causes, from age to psychological factors to lifestyle causes. It’s known that some habits, like excessive drinking and smoking, can definitely play a part in erectile dysfunction. A stressful lifestyle also affects ED, and a poor diet will also add to the problem. The good news is that for some men, simple lifestyle changes can really make a difference.

For other men, the problem can be a more difficult one to fix. Heart disease, which affects the body’s blood vessels, can bring on ED, and in these cases the patient may need to seek professional medical help in order to help solve the issue.

Erectile dysfunction florida and in other states across the US is now an issue that can be discussed openly and honestly, which is good news for those who suffer from the problem.

There are many treatments available for those who suffer from ED, from lifestyle changes to medications to new treatments like the innovative Wave Therapy being used now in florida. This therapy treats the man’s member with light waves that help stimulate blood flow, without surgery, and it’s an exciting breakthrough in treatment.

No one ever wants to suffer from ED, but if a patient is suffering, the good news is that there are good treatments available.