Using an MRI to Assess Back Trauma


Spinal cord injuries and injuries to the spine are relatively common. In some individuals, these injuries are very minor and will clear up on their own. For others, these injuries pose a more long-term risk.

Since the spine is made up of both hard tissues and soft tissues, more than just a simple x-ray is needed in order to assess the severity of trauma. Traumatic spinal injuries may also require the use of advanced imaging, such as an MRI.

An MRI is going to help the doctor see any trauma to the soft tissues, and it can help doctors evaluate if the nerves have been damage. Nerve damage in the spine can leave a person a paraplegic or quadriplegic. Or in severe cases, it can even lead to death.

When a patient has a spinal cord injury and they do not use advanced imaging to evaluate the condition of their back, such as the advanced imaging Toms River NJ residents might find at an advanced imaging center, they are often left with less than stellar results. Their prognosis and their recovery is usually poor.

On the positive side of things, patients who do have spinal cord injuries and who receive MRI treatments or other forms of advanced imaging usually have a better outcome. When their injuries are rapidly diagnosed and properly treated, they may regain full function.

The recovery process is going to be different for each individual. Some factors that will determine how well they recover include things like their age, their weight, and their overall health prior to the injury. In addition to advanced imaging, physical therapy or other manual techniques may be used to assist in repairing the trauma that was done to the spine.

Individuals who suffer spinal trauma are more likely to injure themselves again if they’re not careful. This underscores the importance of receiving and sticking to a treatment that is laid out by the physician as well as the physical therapist who works with the patient as they are going through the recovery process.

Thankfully, many people who have experienced severe back trauma have been able to return to a very healthy, happy, and normal life. They may need to follow a strict exercise routine, but as long as they stick to it and as long as they keep their weight healthy, they are able to have a quality of life that is as good, if not better, than what it was prior to their injuries.